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 3-Course Bundle for
Building Your Book & Writing Business
Intros to the 3-Course Training:
Course # 1

Beyond the Basics
of Self-Publishing

Course # 2

Build Your
Book Business

Course # 3

Make a Living
as a Writer

Are You Ready to Build Your Literary Empire? 
This three-course bundle has helped authors build their book, their book business,
 and create multiple streams of income in order to sustain their book business. 
Course 1: Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing
Learn how to self-publish your book as well as various tasks needed to become a successful author.
This course is for anyone who has a story, thought, concept, message, blog, collection of articles, sermons, speeches, lectures, idea, etc. they would like to turn into a book, workbook, journal, eBook, planner, etc. and publish, making it available for the world to consume. It's also for anyone who already has a manuscript they are ready to put in print/eBook/audio.

Even if you have already published before, we can guarantee you that there is a step or two (or even a few) you missed along the process that could be keeping you from making money, or costing you money. Don't you want to go back and get it right?

Writing a book is one thing, but selling the book is another. Your book is not finished just because it's written. There is still work to do! 
This course will cover all five aspects of publishing:
  • ​Writing
  • ​Editing  
  • ​Design  
  • ​Process  
  • ​Marketing
What you will receive from this training: 
  • All slides insructor teaches from (built inside the course)
  • ​Marketing tip sheets (built inside the course)
  • ​Free templates (built inside the course)
  • ​Publishing cheat sheets (built inside the course)
Course 2: Build Your Book Business 
Learn how to go from a writer who has published a book, to an author, marketing and promoting their work while building their book business. 
If you're ready to turn your book into a business and operate like a business, then this course is for you.
In this course you will learn about: 
  • ​Incorporating (or “doing business as”)
  • ​Naming your book business/publishing imprint 
  • ​Separating business from personal 
  • ​Tracking income/expenses  
  • ​Taxes 
  • ​Accountant 
  • ​Contracts and Agreements
What you will receive from this training (all built inside the course): 
  • ​Cheat Sheets
  • ​Checklists  
  • ​Tip Sheets  
  • ​Links and Resources at your fingertips  
  • ​Advice/Suggestions on how to make money from book sales while building your book business
After completing this course you will have the tools you need
 to turn your book into a business!
Who is helping you lay the bricks to building your book business? Learn how to make sure they legitimately know their role, while at the same time protecting yourself with the necessary contracts.

Are your websites, blogs, and videos protected? Are you protected from the information you are providing/sharing? Do you have the proper disclaimers in your book, on your website, and on your blog?
Course 3: Make a Living as a Writer
Businesses don't make money, people do. Authors are the people who need to make the money to sustain their book business.
This course provides resources to put you on the road to making a living as a writer. From being a greeting card writer to a content writer, getting paid for writing articles, blogs and columns, paid-speaker, copywriter, teacher, consultant, and more, you'll be on your way to earning money to keep your book business thriving. There are some out-of-the-box strategies you as an author can implement to generate income beyond book sales and royalties.
In this course you will learn: 
  • ​How to turn your book into a business
  • ​How to make money as an author beyond book sales  
  • ​How to get other people to pay for your business endeavors  
  • ​How to secure paid writing gigs  
  • ​How to get grants and sponsors  
  • ​Professional titles you wear besides “author”  
  • ​How to increase book sales without directly selling books  
  • ​How to make money from content you write outside of your book  
  • ​How to make money while you sleep  
  • ​How to make money while spending time with family and friends  
  • ​How to make money on YouTube
What you will receive from this training: 
  • ​Multiple ways to earn money with your writing
  • ​Cheat sheets  
  • ​Checklists 
  • ​Tip Sheets 
  • ​Links and resources at your fingertips
  • ​ALL BUILT RIGHT INSIDE THE COURSE (no multiple files to download and match up)
Dedicated to meeting authors wherever they are on their literary journey,
Path To Publishing made each course available individually for $347 each.
However, you can now get them in a bundle for only $900!
You don't want to miss out on this amazing offer and savings!
Bonuses you'll receive when enrolling in this 3-course training: 
  • ​Q & A Session after each training
  • ​Private Path to Publishing Facebook Community
As you take various steps down your literary journey, you’ll be able to utilize the Path To Publishing private Facebook group, where other authors going through the publishing process share and provide information about their journey that may help you along yours.

As your course instructor, I’m also the group admin. I’ll be there, along with my team members and your Path To Publishing tribe, to answer any questions you may have about the course curriculum.

Even though my instruction is extremely detailed and clear, questions can often arise while in the process of performing certain steps. Consider the Path To Publishing private Facebook group as a form of customer service, or literary support, if you will.

I’ll even come in the group live every now and then to drop some literary jewels, offer tips and advice, as well as share industry updates.
So even if you don’t get the chance to ask questions during the online course Q & A segment, you’ll have your chance in our private community, where you'll be an official #Pathfinder.
A Message From Joylynn
I have over 20 years of experience that consists of being an author (both self-published and published with major publishing houses), being an editor (both freelance and with major publishing houses) and being a literary agent. The information I have gained over the years is invaluable.

Luckily for you, I had the forethought and ability to save and keep EVERYTHING I've learned over the years.

I've turned this wealth of knowledge into online course curriculums such as this 3-course program. This means you don't have to spend almost 20 years gaining the knowledge I have, when I can share it with you as well as personally guide you through each step of the process. How amazing is that?

As a literary consultant (or concierge), I will be there to answer any question (big or small/many or a few) you might have.

Yes, it's true; anyone can become a published author these days, but I don't just want you to go out there and do it blindly; guerilla style. I want you to DO IT "WRITE!"
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