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Ground Zero Self-Published Author Online Course
Your step-by-step action plan to go from idea to publication
***This course is for the individual who is a complete novice when it comes to the publishing process. If you are already informed and are ready to learn, in-depth, all five aspects of the publishing process so that you can begin to execute and share your work with the world, then you should jump directly to the "Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing" Course by clicking here
Is This Course For You? 
Do you have a story, message, thought, concept, idea or content you want to share with the world in the form of a book, journal, workbook, etc.? 

Do you want to self-publish and run your publishing business right? 

The Ground Zero Self-Published Author course shares with you every single step it takes to self-publish your book (and others'), along with exactly how much money it’s going to cost you . . . from start to finish.
Meet the Instructor and Creator
About the Ground Zero Self-Published Author Course
Your step-by-step strategy to go from idea to published
What you'll receive from this course: 
  • ​Every single step it takes to self-publish a book (so that you don't miss a beat)
  • ​The price range each and every step is going to cost (so that you'll know how to budget)   
  • ​The time and effort it takes to self-publish (determine if you have the dedication it takes) 
After completing this course, you'll have the tools to: 
  • Self-publish a book (the right way . . . like a pro) 
  • ​Become a published author (and possibly now be considered an expert in certain areas)  
  • ​BECOME A PUBLISHER (build a publishing business/independent press)
1 Time Payment of $125 USD
Why You Need Joylynn M. Ross to Guide You Through Your Path to Publishing
Coined "The Literary-Know-It-All," Joylynn M. Ross wants authors to know it all when it comes to their literary careers. 
Joylynn formed her own publishing company in 2000, where she self-published her books until landing a book deal with St. Martin's Press. Now she's considered a hybrid author, having chosen multiple paths to publication, including self-publishing and print on demand.
With over 20 years in the industry, Joylynn has: 
  • ​been the content development editor for Triple Crown Publications (independent publisher)
  • ​ she was the acquisitions and developmental editor for Carl Weber’s Urban Christian imprint for 10 years (books distributed by Kensington Publishing Corp.)
  • ​she’s agented authors who have book deals with Simon & Schuster, Kensington, and Urban Books, to name a few
  • ​done ghostwriting, write-behinds, and literary consulting (both freelance and for publishing houses)
Her clients have included:
  • ​New York Times Bestselling authors
  • ​Entertainers
  • ​ Aspiring authors
  • ​ Veteran authors, as well as first-time authors. 
  • ​Non-writers (you don't have to be a writer to author your own story or idea . . . there are resources to help you get it done, and Joylynn is one of them)
Past notable clients include: 
  • ​actor Christian Keyes
  • ​singer Olivia Longott
  • ​reality television star, Shereé M. Whitfield of “Real Housewives of Atlanta"
Because Joylynn has been on almost every corner of the literary industry map, 
who better to chauffeur you toward literary success? 
Joylynn's History of Success:
  • Award-winning author
  • ​Landed a book deal with a major publishing house 
  • ​Incorporated her own publishing company in 2000 
  • ​Published NYT Bestselling Authors 
  • ​Published National Bestselling Authors
Joylynn's Qualifications:
  • ​Literary Consultant / Concierge
  • ​Literary Agent 
  • ​Editor 
  • ​Ghostwriter 
  • ​Manuscript Critiques 
  • ​Write-Behind Services 
1 Time Payment of $125 USD
What Joylynn's Clients Say About Her

"Joylynn is a wonderful literary consultant! We met in person at Barnes and Noble and she spent hours talking me through the publishing steps of my new book. Now I have my marching orders and I am checking them off slowly but with great care. I learned so much. I learned things I didn't know I needed to know. Thank you, Joylynn. I'm so glad to be a Pathfinder!!!"--Rhonda Gatlin, author of Aggie's Purple Hands

“For the past two years, I have been the very fortunate participant in Joylynn M. Ross’s annual ‘Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business’ conference where she is the main instructor, teaching attendees all about the business of writing and publishing.  While I’ve been writing books for decades – my first was published in 1982 – and while I’ve been coaching other authors for almost as long (I’ve even written books about marketing books), I was absolutely stunned at how much I learned in each of her sessions.  If you wants to take your writing and publishing career to the next level, by understanding how to build your writing business, run – don’t walk – run to the registration website to sign up for any of Joylynn's courses and her annual conference.”—Ned Barnett, Author and Marketing Expert

"I took the "Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing" online course with Joylynn, and I am grateful that I did. If I would have continued listening to other people telling me what to do and how to self-publish my book, and to just get it out there quickly, it would have cost me a lot of mistakes and money. I didn't realize, even with reading books on self-publishing, that there was so much more than just writing and printing a book.
The self-publishing course was so informative and fun. Joylynn gave me lots of ideas, not just with the publishing of my book, but the products that can come out of it. The information I learned is valuable, and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is going to self-publish.

If you took the time to write your book, please take just as much time and care into publishing it. Don't let your hard work go down the drain by missing important steps to publishing your book by taking shortcuts.
 The course is worth every dollar spent. Thank you, Joylynn, for your help and dedication to the path to publishing for authors like myself who want to take my message to the masses."
Tammie Leady
Author of Invoking His Presence 

"My consulting time with Joylynn M. Ross was very valuable, as I obtained insight, ideas, resources, and information that blew my mind! I am so glad I took advantage of Joylynn's consulting services and course. It made a positive impact on my future and my business. I talk about Joylynn to someone almost every day. Her class validated my dream. I am forever grateful to Joylynn because at this moment, I have hope. It’s real and I have a twinkle in my eye."--Yvette Duran, Personal Narrative Expert

1 Time Payment of $125 USD
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